Introducing Momentum ??? the May 2012 RocketTheme WordPress Theme Release

The theme combines an intricate graphical design with the intuitive dynamics of RokGallery or RokStories, providing for a full scale background image, rotatable and configurable via the widget, RokGallery and Gantry administrative interfaces.


July 2021
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GINA PISASALE is the Resident Dramaturg at People‚Äôs Light and Theatre Company. As a freelance dramaturg she has worked with companies such as the Arden Theatre Company, 1812 Productions, Hedgerow Theatre, Media Theatre, A&E Biographies, and the Harrisburg Shakespeare Festival. In 2010, she was granted a Residency in Dramaturgy at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where she worked on the world premiere of Ping Chong’s adaptation of Throne of Blood. She is currently a PhD candidate in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. Her areas of research include contemporary Asian American theater, performances of culture, and dramaturgy. Gina has been a course instructor and lecturer at UMD and also has professional experience as a director, set and light designer, and actor.

Integrated Plugins

Choose from an array of RocketTheme Plugins, which have integrated template styling support, such as RokNewsPager, RokStories, RokTabs or RokGallery.

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Adobe?? PNG Sources

Customize the various theme image elements, such as the logo, using the distributed Adobe?? Fireworks PNG source files and online tutorial for Logo Editing.

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78 Widget Positions

78 Widget Positions
There are 78 widget positions. If no widget is published to a position, it will not appear, collapsing the entire area. The...

58 Widget Variations

58 Widget Variations
Individualise your widget content with the selection of available suffixes with varying stylistic and structural differences,...

Adobe?? PNG Sources

Adobe?? PNG Sources
Quickly edit the logo, or other theme elements, using our editable and layered sources. Adobe?? Fireworks CS3 and above,...
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Color Chooser Controls

Customize the theme's color scheme via the Gantry administrator. Control various style elements such as link, text and background color, of the current or new presets.

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Essential Downloads Download the theme and peripheral files from


Style Configuration Customize the existing presets to your only personal preference and save.


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