What’s The Story?

Twins Willa and Faulkner share everything, including their parents’ love of literature. At age 13, they are old souls yet still secretly believe in fantastical worlds…a storm rolls in…waves crash…FLASH…an empty playground…a man walks by…FLASH… Sometimes a moment changes everything.

Show Dates

SUN 8/12 @ NOON,

WED 8/15 @ 3:00 pm,

SAT 8/18 @ 7:00 pm,

SUN 8/19 @ 9:15 pm,

FRI 8/24 @ 4:45 pm

Here, Mainstage Theater
145 Sixth Ave, NY, NY 10013

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Willa: Monica Lillian Jones

MONICA LILLIAN JONES was most recently seen as Venita in SkyLines (NYC). Other NYC credits include Celia in As You Like It (Frog and Peach Theatre Company); Perdita in The Winter’s Tale and Trebonius, Titinius, Marullus in Julius Caesar (Hudson Shakespeare Co) and Prince Richard and Captain James Blunt in Richard III (Love Creek Productions, NYC); Monica holds a B.F.A. in Theatre Performance from University of Oklahoma School of Drama. Film credits include: Emory in The Other Girl (CCNY); Ellie in Run (Drexel); Beatrice in Rune (Isis Productions) and Monica in Burgers for Bigfoot (Gary Hatley Productions).